Winter Trend Makeup Workshop by The Body Shop


How long has it been since I last attended a makeup workshop? I used to tell people that even if we/I have a diploma in makeup, it doesn’t mean we know everything as makeup is something that goes with the trend & also require lotsa practicing & efforts!

Hence, with loads of excitement & anticipation, I attended the Winter Trend Makeup Workshop that is organized by The Body Shop!

We would be learning the tricks and tips to create a trendy party look from celebrity makeup artist, Larry Yeo, to rock some sparkle this Christmas!

 Yeah~ that’s me in a dress! Something you hardly see. Please encourage me to wear dresses more often by continue reading or clicking “read the rest of this entry”!! XD

The smoky-eyes look has always been my BIGGEST enemy! I always feel that I suck at giving myself a nice, neat & non-messy smoky eyes. Out of 10 attempts, I am usually NOT satisfied with at least 8 attempts. A failed attempt means looking like a zombie, nothing near a cute panda!

That’s why I said, makeup needs hell loads of practice!

Thanks to Larry’s easy-to-follow tips, I’ve been attempting more smoky eyes ever since & loving the look!

We were each given The Body Shop’s Smoky Copper & Smoky Moonstone Palettes & I really am surprised with the pigments in it!

To be frank, years ago, I didn’t fancy the eyeshadows from TBS as I find them falling off easily, but look at how much they have improved! I definitely will repurchase! 😉

My photo version did no justice to the gorgeous metallic colors that are oh-so-glam for parties & yet safe for work!

The eyeliners to define & sparkle up your peepers!

These dazzling rocks sure are smooth! It contours & highlights at the same time! Now, all you need to know is where to land your kabuki brush! 😉

During the workshop, I used Ruby Sparkle to complete my subtle yet glamorous look. My first time being so bold about trying out a red lippie!

This is no perfume, my friend! It’s sparkling dust that you can use for your hair, face or body!

Promo: Buy The Sparkler @$29.90 with any makeup purchase (min $10)

Here’s a very useful makeup tutorial created by The Body Shop!

Lovely food provided & served by Epilogue Cafe.

 After dinner, we returned to the 2nd part of the workshop with this 3 sweet-looking hand creams on our tables.

Of cos, it’s hand massage time! Give your love ones a massage using this fragrant hand creams!

 A picture speaks a thousand words.

Look at how happy Larry was being the hand model!

 Here’s my version of giving “shiokness” to my recipient, Verlyn! LOL!

 We also popped by The Body Shop’s outlet at Ion since we were there! And got the passerbys curious what was going on! ;-p

 Check out the colors! I’ll be happy if I receive these as gifts!

I always believe in giving (and receiving) practical gifts. Tell me if anyone thinks they don’t need bath/body products!

Makeup section for the girls!

A photo with Keline, Magdalene & Verlyn.

Great meeting Keline & Mag for the 1st time! They are so nice to talk to! 😉

So happy! I lugged this whole big picnic basket full of TBS products home!

Check out some great gift sets from TBS in this post if you haven’t!

 There are more photos of the event on The Body Shop Facebook page here if you wanna see see! 😉


Happy Xmas Shopping!! ❤ ❤ ❤


(Note: Images not watermarked are taken from The Body Shop.)



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