Christmas Shopping Ideas!

It’s nearing the time of the year where you hear lotsa “Ho Ho Ho!“.

Yes, Christmas is less than a month away! I’m sure many of you have started/starting to shop for the gifts & goodies for your colleagues, friends & family!

Here’s some of the gift sets I love from The Body Shop that I thought I can share with you! ūüėČ

¬†Their Christmas special edition that comes in 3 unique “flavors”: Cranberry, Ginger & Vanilla.

¬†Dome-shaped lip balm that’s easy to bring around!

 The Mom is crazy over this shimmer lotion that moisturizes your skin, makes you smell good & sparkle all at the same time!

 The ultra lollipop consisting 5 Body Butters!

 A nicely packaged gift reaches to the hearts.

Super cute gingerbreadman set!!

 Great to leave these in the office so that no one should forget to moisturize!

 Something for the man too!

 For the classy, demure lady. This set is just so gorgeous!

¬†I’ll use the bag as my beach tote!!


Like the kind souls at The Body Shop believe, giving is joy! And of course, give within our limits!

“The Schoolhouse” is the potentially life-changing¬†Christmas¬†gift!

It is designed & handmade by the artisans at GPI, using recycled materials & environmentally-friendly inks.

Most importantly, 4% of the income from every “The Schoolhouse” goes towards the funding of social projects in Nepal! More than 700 will be funded for education!


From $5.90 – $70.90, there is a perfect gift for almost every one!

What’s your¬†favorite¬†gift set?



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