BRTC MULTI Vital 10 System Line

Other than all the BRTC stemcell masks & BB creams, I also got to try out their skincare range!

Multi Vital 10 System Line is the whitening range that helps dull skin tone with its 10% of various vitamin complexes (vitamin B5, E, F and B3) which are effective for a brighter and illuminated skin.

Vitalizer White Soap 200ml ($35)

What’s different about this cleanser is that other than containing vitamin C, there are real tiny vitamin capsules in the cleansing foam that burst and releases its goodness into the skin while you wash at the same time! The citrus smell is welcoming; cleanser does not agitate nor dry out the skin, yet seemingly does its job by removing dead skin and promoting skin’s fairness. Even Mom likes it!

So far so good with this product! Very likely to repurchase.

Vitalizer Fluid 120ml ($39)

A toner with vitamin A, B3, B5, C, E – it penetrates deep inside the skin to provide intensive whitening and vitality, and at the same time control imbalance within the skin and provide abundant moisture to create clean and clear skin.

As its texture is not those super watery kind, I skipped the cotton pad and apply it straight with my hands by patting it in. After a tired/long day, this feels soothing on the skin!

Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream 9g ($35)

Another product in this line that caught me off my guard! This concentrated stick balm contains more than 10% of vitamin A, B3, B5, C, and E that gives off refreshing feeling and help intensive melanin care and skin restoration to transform dark complexion into a bright one.

The excitement soon died down as I realized that more extra gentle & care is to be exercised while using this. The usual eye essence/serums/creams with its higher water content glide easier while performing eye massages. The stick balm is different. As I apply, I got to observe carefully not to “pull” the skin around the eyes that can cause wrinkles. Don’t count on this alone to hydrate your peepers. However, I do notice that the eye area definitely looks brighter!

Now, I use another eye serum (very tiny bit) before I glide this stick balm on so it feels smoother and of cos, eases my application. I don’t think lazy people will fancy using this eye stick balm but it may suit those who dislikes have greasy/watery feeling from the normal eye products.

Vitalizer C 10 Ampoule 30ml ($48)

Wait! Ampoule in a bottle? This appealed to me as I was a regular ampoule-user! Those were the days I gotta break open a vial of small glass bottle for the wonder ampoule content.

Vitalizer C 10 Ampoule contains 10% of pure vitamin C that has been stabilized through bio polymer process. Other vitamins such as B3, B5, A, E, and F are also present to help provide intensive whitening care, moisturizing and nutrient supply to create bright and clear skin.

Nothing too impressive in this bottle though! Maybe I have not observed enough, but this product works average for me.

Vitalizer White Gel 50ml ($35)

What this whitening functional gel promised to deliver is: its multi vitamin capsules brighten skin with intensive care on blemishes caused by pigment and allows dry, crumbly skin to be moist and smooth and also provides vitality to dull skin.

Some who tried this have mentioned that it is too sticky for them. I noticed that it does leave a less than fresh feeling when I apply a tad too much. However, when I take just a tiny bit of this gel & do a lymph drainage massage, it absorbs pretty well. On days when my skin isn’t as good as other days, I felt some stinging sensation on my cheeks and laugh lines upon application. It makes me feel that this product may be a little tricky to use.

To be safe, use only a very tiny amount and gently apply swiftly & briefly. (I believe not all people can take so much vitamins, especially C.)

Vitalizer White Cream 50ml ($45)

A cream with abundant vitamin A, B3, B5, and E that prevent skin damage, provide intensive lifting care and increases skin flexibility to brighten and firm up skin.

This cream, when used sparingly, provides adequate moisture to the skin. Too much may cause greasiness. This is good especially I sleep in an air-conditioned room every night.

Not enough to wow me – but after more than a month of usage, skin does feel slightly firmer and supple.

Vitalizer Mask Box of 5 ($30)

Whitening functional mask containing more than 10% of vitamin helps moisturizing, melanin care as well as anti oxidation and softly removes dead skin cells. Contains fruit ingredients to create moist and smooth skin.

Not too bad. This mask seems to deliver as above mentioned. Remaining essence serves as a good body moisturizer as well. Only thing is that it doesn’t fit my big forehead entirely. ;-p


BRTC MULTI Vital 10 System Line is available in most Sasa stores.


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