Colors in my hair, colors in my life.

Ever since I dyed my hair turquoise last month, I started wearing my black outfits again. They say dress simple when you’ve got loud hair. True to an extent; but also… to prevent color-run. ;-p

I returned to my hair sponsor, Salon De Choix, for a color touch-up, as well as my monthly treatment.

 The green ends was fading to yellow & now that I look at this photo, I decided I need a rebonding next month!

 I talked to Sharon about covering the faded green with a color that doesn’t scream “LOOK AT ME!” as I may be going for interviews, and also, I didn’t want to “wash off” or bleach my hair cos it may damage my weak, fine hair. Hence, we agreed to have dark blue – a color that is suitable to cover over the green; dark enough indoors & fun enough outdoors. *hehehe*

Do you get me? XD

 Treatment using Kerastase products to smooth out the hair!

 A good serum prevents the hair from getting damaged from the styling tools & give some shine to the hair!

I am pretty pleased with the results!

 A decent-looking me indoors (as long as no strong lights). I am also back to bangs! (Can’t stand my big forehead really!)

And a fun-looking me with sun light right in the hair!

(pardon the freshly-washed-but-uncombed-hair)

Cos I didn’t bleach this time, the color turned out to be mostly blue, a lil purple & after more washes, probably more turqoise will show. ;-D

Need more fun/elegant touches to your hair? “Like” them on Facebook page HERE!

Quote “Herine” for 15% discount off regular-priced hair services!


Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore s239519

Call Salon De Choix at 6836 2959 for any inquiries or to make your booking.


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