BRTC BB Cream Line

“BRTC is a cosmeceutical brand served with botanical patent science (Miracle Blue) safely applicable even to sensitive skin by various irritations and troubles owing to the fact that the entire BRTC line contains developed Blue Complex, a plant patent ingredient, which provides an immediate soothing function as well as anti-oxidation based on elements from blue plant as lavender and chamomile used with its excellent soothing effect in traditional medical science throughout the world.”

I have sensitive, oily & dehydrated skin. So this is one of the worst combinations one can have! At times, skin is so flawless, other times, because of the little flaws & bumps, I feel like a 40 year old. >_<

About BRTC BB cream line:

  • Smart functional BB
  • Sun care product line
  • double block against UV-A & B
  • provides customized solutions for each skin type in order to manage the problems as well as various skin type
  • creates beautiful and healthy skin tone by maximizing the makeup effect
  • skin protection

I am NOT a BB cream fan cos they usually feel sticky on my skin & since I have clogged pores problem, I try to stay off as much makeup as I can. So it’s usually just compact/loose powder.

However, after trying the BRTC BB creams, I have started to be more acceptable towards using BB cream often. They are not as oily as some, but I am not saying that they control oil. I still gotta blot after a few hours, which is common even when I do not have BB cream on.

Photos below are not edited. As much as I would like to stay beautiful in your eyes but I gotta admit I suck at photoshop & these are not taken with mobile phone (else I would feel tempted to cheat with the photo editing app)! Okie luh, never mind, I am a pretty obasan. *thick-skin*

Jasmine water BB cream (35ml)

Helps soothing and moisturizing of dry and sensitive skin

Really have this really strong jasmine flower smell! Great for people who likes nice-smelling products. It is light-weighted and has mild-average coverage. Press on some loose powder & it’s a great day to day makeup! It also makes my clogged, large pores less obvious.

Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream (35ml)

Watery shine water-drop BB cream for dry and dull skin

Absolutely for the dry skin! Never pile on any product that accentuates your dryness! This BB cream seemingly plumps up the skin cells & lines. Application is an ease too with mild-average coverage.

Whitening and repairing BB cream (35ml)

Firming & Whitening

A little fairer than the rest, this BB cream has average-good coverage and drys off well. The redness at the sides of my nose were 90% covered. Go easy on this though if you have extremely dehydrated skin. Don’t rub the BB cream on; adopt a bounce-and-dab motion to have a more natural & dewy look. Don’t forget the neck too!

Gold caviar BB cream (35ml)

Helps nutrient supply and shaping care of dry and aging skin

Caviar and its anti-aging effect attracted me to keep this particular BB cream for myself. (The rest after testing, I have given them to my sisters & mom XD) Coverage can be build up from average-good. However, go easy on it too if you have slightly/relatively oily skin cos it can get a little sticky! What’s good about it is that it doesn’t turn me into some ashy-faced woman & I like how radiant my makeup looks after the BB cream. Skin with less flaws makes my day!


Exclusively available at S$32 each in selected SaSa Stores.



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