Blackbird Cafe

Tried out Blackbird Cafe last month during one of C’s birthday celebration days.

From what I know, they serve Italian to breakfast, to western food.

 I like the black interior – modern, yet not intimidating.

The gang ordered a number of dishes which were pretty much raved about, except for C’s some beef sandwich cos the bread were too hard for her to even cut.

I have no other photos to show you but I gotta show you what I ordered – which wow-ed us!

Risotto that burst with rich seafood flavor. Every bite was an indulge.

The scallops were very tender & fresh. All of them who tried love it. Only tiny issue is that I probably can’t finish it alone as it was quite salty for me.

I’ll definitely remember to request them to go lighter on the saltiness as this is really delicious!

If I didn’t remember it wrongly, it cost around $15-$18.

Have you checked out Blackbird cafe too? What’s the dish you like best?


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