BYS Launch – Fashion in a Bottle

I never say “No” to Pacodis events because the relationship with the team has grew to friendship & of course, knowing their events are always the “chillax” & fun kind!

Before the official launch of BYS (Be Yourself) nail products in Watsons last week, we were invited to the preview a week before.

Mind you, this is gonna be a very “colorful” post! We were all decked out in colorful wear & outfits for the theme!

BYS launch was held at Tara Apothecary! I’ve been curious to check out the place (salon actually) since last year & finally got the chance! It’s super cosy! 😉

They carry all the products that I’ve reviewed before – Murad,  Mavala & Pupa etc.

The brand BYS is designed and developed in Melbourne, Australia. They place a strong emphasis on fun & fashion, creating products that are of superb quality & great value! Till date, BYS carries more than 1000 products and they are still growing day by day.

Best known for their nail polish collection, BYS high quality range uses a french-based formula that drys fast, resistant to chipping & is free of formaldehyde.

{Formaldehyde: a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical that is used in building materials and to produce many household products & is classified as a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and as a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency..}

That’s Lynn sharing with us the products that BYS has. From cosmetics to nails! We were all very excited when we were told that the cosmetic line may be launched in Singapore early next year!

BYS Nail Polishes

1. Basics 

The basic range alone holds a variant of rainbow shades – from nudes to reds & oranges, pinks & purples to blue tones!

Retail Price: $6.90

2. Colour Change

This colour change nail enamel changes with your temperature! (I tried it out myself & was pretty entertained by the 2 different shades!)

Retail Price: $9.90

3. Neons

Shockingly vivid colours – absolutely the trend!

Retail Price: $8.90

4.Mirror Finish

The mirror effect from this collection will dazzle and delight with its molten liquid metal look.

Retail Price: $8.90

BYS Nail Polish is only available exclusively at Watsons!

Huge sushi plate that distracted us a fair bit!

Candies & other yummy bites!

With Verlyn. Aren’t we colorful? 😉

Brought Kiyora & Himeko along. XD

Check out the color change enamels I tried on Kiyora! They dry super fast & becomes matte! Top coat will give it some shine though 😉

Ju Ann & I.


A photo to show how tam-chiak (greedy) I am. LOL. (image credit: Ju Ann)

Pacodis team even surprised Jones with a cake as it was her birthday on the day! How sweet right!!

Bloggers friends seated around the table chatting with Mimi & getting some tips from her.

(ps: Ver looks super happy!)

Brought home some lovely goodies!

3 new bottles of BYS colors in vibrant shades! *LOVES*

Check out my instagram(Herine_Ang) for the images! 😉

2 Pupa “Kiss Me” mini eyeshadow palettes that comes with a mirror (reminds me of the 2 I bought years ago!) & a lip gloss!

Yay, a lady just won’t have enough of beauty products yeah? ;-D

Visit BYS Facebook page HERE!


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