Lost 10kg & 2 sizes: Brain Power

I’m back to share about my maintenance method!

As the title suggests, I used brain power to keep myself slim despite not exercising and training like crazy, nor go on any slimming or detox diet.

Before going into the topic, I encourage you to read up on my 1st & 2nd part of “Lost 10kg & 2 sizes” HERE & HERE.

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The mind works wonder.

This is the same as “The Secret” that so many have been talking about. Be determined, ask, and you may just jolly well receive!

There is no steps to this really. There are hypnosis scripts if you google, but no promises that all of them work.

There was a period of time when I slacked on exercises. Worried that those weight might pile back, I started telling myself that I am slim, I will remain slim even if I eat like a pig. Gosh, my mind is so powerful that I started seeing images of stick-thin me when I close my eyes or dream. I never wanted to be stick-thin FYI! I want to be sexily slim lol!

I looked at myself in the mirror & convinced myself even when I was chubby. I still do that once in a while, but I think the mind has taken over on its own; or the body has been working diligently.

1 very important thing:

If you are overweight, stop whining “I am so fat! I’ll never slim down!”, yet keep trying to find ways to cut those weight cos it will not work! You told your mind & body you will never slim down, you get your wish.


Stop whining & get started on the plan!

I may sound easy, but I can tell you it is not. You reap what you sowed. I believe everyone can do it (unless you have medical condition that refrains)!

Good Luck!


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