New Makeup Items from Palgantong!

I am so happy to receive these Palgantong new products after the Palgantong Theatrical Powder! (While reading back my review at that time, I realized my skin was much better then! I just recovered from a recent bout of skin allergy, you see.)

Now, I have a small Palgantong family!

 Glow Skin Base, Brilliant Jelly Shadow, Compact Case & Theatrical Natural Pact in Bright Beige.

Glow Skin Base is basically the makeup base to hold your makeup better. I shall not be long-winded since the info is very clearly pasted above. 😉

Before applying the product, make sure all other skincare products has been applied and absorbed.

With the “glow” factor, it helps my skin to look a little livelier since I’d mentioned that my skin has just recovered from a bad case of allergy. It is now still in a not-so-smooth condition & is looking really dull during the 1st hour after makeup, and really oily from the 2nd hour onwards. ;-(

The Glow Skin Base evens out the complexion fine, though not the awesome kind. And while adding that glow, it does not make the face looks too shiny. Product also feels light on the face. A small amount is sufficient & my makeup was able to last me a good 6-8 hours.

 Palgantong Glow Skin Base: $29.80

I got my Theatrical Natural Pact Foundation in bright beige. It also offers SPF 25 PA ++! I like it when my powder pact gives me sun/UV protection! (I wanted to try out the Theatrical Cover Pact Foundation too as it seems to give a little more coverage & with higher SPF, but they were selling out fast!)

No photo of me using the Natural Pact here. BUT…. I have to tell you that I really love it! The powder is soooooo fine & light! Gives skin the translucent look that they promised; and the best thing is that even when I tried adding more powder to my face, it doesn’t look like I have much makeup on! Really natural! I now prefer this Theatrical Natural Pact Foundation over my Palgantong Theatrical Powder because it’s so much easier – no loose powder “flying” around & the application is much quicker. My preference 😉

Palgantong Compact Case: $10.80

Palgantong Natural Pact (refill): $28.80

 I have no idea what color is my Brilliant Jelly Shadow called. From the picture above, I presumed for now they only have 4 eyeshadow colors available – white, beige-brown (or bronze?), peachy pink & turquoise/teal (which is the color I have). It comes in bouncy jelly form that got me poking at it for awhile! 😉

I don’t usually fancy green-blue eye colors, but since that I have half a head of peacock colors now, I thought this Brilliant Jelly Shadow came at the right time!

This color contains a lot of shimmering particles, giving that sparkly, shiny look. The color is very light, hence, you need to build up the product for the color to show. Otherwise, I use it as a eye-base brightening.

 A light coat of the color. You can decide how intense you want.

Upon application, the Brilliant Jelly Shadow felt cooling on the skin. It is also very moist, probably great for those who have dry eyelids! However, as a paranoid contact lenses user, I may worry if the product will seep into the eyes. Just gotta be a tad careful while applying! 😉

Palgantong Brilliant Jelly Shadow: $22.80

Really quality & affordable cosmetics!

Palgantong products are available at selected SASA & BHG Stores.

They have a range of other products too – brightener & BB cream etc. Check them out!


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