Not just green or blue… It's peacock-inspired!

I know you people always don’t scroll till the end, so may I get your attention here with my new peacock hair?

Because October is such an eventful month, it was decided that the hair should look more interesting than usual! (Check out the Korean hairstyle Sharon Wu gave me the last time!)

Time with my hair sponsor – Salon De Choix!

A “Before” photo to show you that I am just bad at taking care of my hair! ;-(

2 months after the previous color, hair only grew out by one inch!! The growth is too slow! (Something needs to be done the next round)

Sharon separated out the sections that she wanted to create my ombre dip-dye. If you realized, it’s only the inner layer that we will explore with. Ok, technically it’s not ombre nor dip-dye. The outer layer will be kept to a safer color so that it’s more appropriate when I need to meet people.

 Olive Brown for the base & outer color!

 “Washing” off the previous color, then bleach.

 Sharon & Eric attending to me at the same time.

 After bleaching/coloring, it’s rather essential to have treatment done! That’s my drop of miracle!


 Nourishing, nourishing the strands.

And… the end result!!

 Thanks to Sharon for making my hair interesting!

 Green & Blue! That’s my first!

Use my phone’s app to edit this photo. Matching green eyes! ❤

Quote “Herine” for 15% discount off regular-priced hair services!

Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore s239519

Call Salon De Choix at 6836 2959 for any inquiries or to make your booking.

Like what you see? Like my new hair?

If yes, please “like” them on Facebook page HERE!



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