Food Digs: Ichiban Sushi

Visited Changi Point the 2nd time when I popped by Expo again to see the darling. A relatively new shopping mall and acceptable crowd – I like!

The basement is a food paradise! C & I decided on Ichiban sushi.

The sushi menu is so different from the usual we have at Sakae or Sushi Tei! We got so excited over deciding what to order!

Here’s some that I feel you should try if you are going to Ichiban too!

Temaki, also known as handroll.

At Sakae, I always eat Softshell Crab Temaki & C will have her Ebi Tempura Temaki but what Ichiban offers are just so different that we had to try these out!

Yakiniku (beef) & Fried Fish handrolls! I don’t know how the fish one tasted like; my Yakiniku handroll is fine. Nothing very spectacular (My taste buds has high standards though not fussy) but not too bad and I may just order the next time I go there.

Golden Catch is a MUST TRY!

A  combination of dory fish, potato, tartar sauce and lettuce. OMG so yummy please! The crispy shreds you see are potato & it’s surprisingly delicious.

Yellow Submarine = crab stick, shrimp roe, mayonnaise and spring onion

Since when crab stick taste so good?!

Ham, egg & cucumber wrapped with cheese! How special!

C, being a new instagram user, started her food photo-taking habit & had me waiting & drooling at the food.

Ham & Cheese! Interesting but I couldn’t put the whole sushi into my mouth LOL!!

I like this Crispy Tuna sushi too! So crunchy outside and full of tuna juice!!

My own grilled salmon with their house special sauce. Each slice of the salmon is so fat & delicious! Grilled on the outside & raw inside! *LOVE*

We are so going back again!


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