Lost 10kg & 2 sizes: The Detox & Health Freak

Heyya, here I am rewriting this post. ;-S

It was first posted on 27th September at 12am, but somehow, my blog posts disappeared into thin air the next day. The IT person has helped me to retrieve all my posts, except this post – which I spent few hours getting it together. After this incident, I’ll be extra vigilant & must remember to save an extra copy of my posts! Pardon me if you’ve already read this post that was posted on the 27th, and if this post differs from that one. *trying my best to recall what I wrote exactly*

Anyway, back to the topic! I had previously shared a post on how I dropped from a size L to a size S in a month through exercising; this post will be more of the “lazy” way on how to stay slim without having to exercise that much. My six pack that time didn’t last over a year when I started to slack, and eating all those junk food.

2007 – I found myself facing the peak of my weight in my entire life. 53kg.

I have to declare that I stand at a petite 1.54m. A 53kg on me makes me look too chubby. Which was why I called a “ba zhang”(dumpling). If you are a 1.6m frame, please don’t tell me 53kg is too heavy for you. We go by proportion, not just by the numbers.

(Female version Hulk. wtf)

I worked 6 days a week since I was in the beauty line. For those who didn’t know, I was a beauty therapist. I did facial/aesthetic, slimming treatments, massage, waxing and manicure/pedicure.

And because most of my Caucasian clients were of a bigger build, I developed muscles on my arms/shoulders. Muscles OVER fats! This is the most feared for most people cos when you get fat, then muscular, it will take hell lots of efforts to get rid of the fats, then build muscles!

Therefore, I “designed” a diet plan for myself.

There are many things that I got to quit/cut down. That included drinking. People teased me for my beer belly, and I really did drink quite a lot so I thought cutting down would be good for my health too.

Since I had only 1 off day, I made sure I exercised on my rest day without fail. My favorite sport is swimming & cycling. I’ll go to the gym instead if the weather was gloomy.

I usually spent 3-5hours alternating between tanning & swimming. As much as I wished I’d burn tonnes of fats per session, I believed (still believe) that losing less fats is better than pulling a muscle. Water is therapeutic; in the sense that it relieves my backache. I liked to refer my swims as “Hydro Therapy”. LOL.

I only do breaststroke & backstroke. Although my breaststroke should really be call a “frog style”, I swear, it tones my tummy & arms very well. Keeps my hair dry too, good esp times I just had a rebonding/color done the day before. Put across simply, my head stays above the water when I swim. (Backstroke is exception though!)

How much exercise is enough? When I feel my heartbeat increasing & perspiring. A good cardio workout burns fats.

Minimal exercise – checked! 😉 Now, let’s take a look at my diet meals at that time!



  • Meal Replacement Nutritional beverage

This is good when I had no time to sit down for breakfast. It not only helps promote slimming, made me feel full & also gives all the nutrients/vitamins that the body needs.

  • Coffee to perk me up (max 1 cup per day)
I read somewhere that drinking 2 cups & above each day reduces cup size! I don’t know how true is that, but I’m NOT risking!
  • Fish Bee Hoon Soup (less bee hoon, more veg, no oil, no milk, less salty) / Fish Soup (More fish & veg, no oil, no milk, less salty)
  • Mui Fan (Half portion)

I only drink water, fruit juice or Oolong Tea (0% sugar). (Even till now, whenever I eat out, I usually drink Oolong Tea)

Due to my work location that time, I didn’t have many choices. However, do note that I am a veg & soup lover, so adopting this diet was no difficulty.


  • Oatmeal cracker
  • Fruits
  • Meal Replacement Nutritional beverage


Try to eat at home as it’s healthier. I lessened my intake of rice to just a few spoonfuls (or half a bowl max) & indulged more on soup & vegs. I do eat meat but just a few small pieces.

It’s important to eat sufficient food to give the body energy to burn fats. Never skip your meals!

You may also want to check out Jade’s useful articles on “5 Weight Loss Basics” and “5 Eating Tips for Weight Loss” since we are at this topic. ;-D

Other than the healthy meals, I also frequently DETOX. I tried some cheap slimming tea (Bao Xiu Li) that can be purchased in chinese medical halls but none was as good as the detox pills I took when I signed up as a member (got discount!).

I remembered I lost 2 inches around my waist in 2 weeks! Together with the help of the meal replacement beverage! (product details HERE)

Intestinal health is so important & by detoxing, it not only prevents colon cancer but also slimming too. You can read up more on the detox product HERE.

With effort, proper diet & exercise, I slowly lost the extra 10kg. How was my beach babe look? Hahaha!

The photo above was taken when I was the most tanned ever! I was obsessed with having the bronzy look & it wasn’t easy at all since I am born VERY fair.

 (photo from my Phuket trip in April)

Ever since I successfully lost those extra kilos, I’ve maintained the weight, thou I didn’t diet, exercise that much nor detox.

In my next post, I’ll share with you my maintenance method!

Hope you like this post & feel free to ask me questions! 😉


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