Take A Walk: Pungol Waterway

Fun in the sense of clubbing & drinking was all we thought about 10 years ago. Now, my definition of fun is simple: Taking a relaxing long walk with the pals on a weekend afternoon, followed by dinner at home & sitting around the TV watching some lame show while chatting about things that revolve around the house, family, pets, work & housework.

The pals has gotten their new house beside Punggol Mrt some time this year & the scenery is/will be splendid, though there are still a lot of construction going on massively. Their master bedroom & living room overlook the Punggol Waterway that links to Punggol Marina Country Club & Promenade etc. There are so many changes in this area. Once a place that is so creepy-quiet to now a slowly awakening residential and recreational area. Just a 2 mins walk to the MRT & bus terminal, it’s so accessible!!

And since we have been eating so much, yet lacking exercise, I proposed us to go for a long walk for a relaxing weekend.


This place is only 10mins walking distance from their house! The weather was lovely & I felt extremely cheery! Let’s get fit! ;-D


There are many potential photo-shooting spots! And we even spotted a couple (dressed up fashionably) sitting under one of the shelters romantically. But I think that was a lil crazy! With the attire & sun… the guy was even lying on the girl’s lap. Hmmm… should try this at night better right?!


Even the pals’ old Jack Russell, Louis, was panting & thirsty from the heat + walk & run!


It was kinda funny – he was literally angry when pal didn’t get the hint that he wanted to drink! Louis kept repeating the dash-run-pant-crawl-drink-rest-run actions! ;-p


C on the bridge. One of the bridges anyway. Nice view, isn’t it?



Water-pour to reduce body heat! Wish I could do that too!


Reaching resting point! Shortly after we reached the country club, my shoes gave way & C gotta buy some superglue from 7-11 so I can glue it & walk back to pals’ house. Thank God the soles came off when we were outside 7-11!


We really enjoyed the 2 hours of walking & it was great cos we actually smoked much much lesser! Way to go!


Exercise + water makes the skin looks glowy too! 😉


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