I want to look better: The Process!


2 weeks ago, I blogged about my consultation at Astique, The Aesthetic Clinic whereby nose fillers & jaw botox were recommended by Dr Matthew Yap.

PhotobucketOn the day of actual works, i was accompanied by the MFP crew to take photographs (which I used massively in this post) and to film the whole process so we can share with you how the procedures went! (Video will be available on myfatpocket.com later)

PhotobucketDon’t believe me if I tell you I am not nervous nor excited!

This is my 1st time doing aesthetics treatment & I was very surprised at myself since I didn’t think I would ever go for any kind of cosmetics enhancement.

I do think a lot all the time how would I look if my nose is smaller, nose bridge is higher or my jaws are perceptually slimmer. I used to imagine how much sharper my jaw/chin will look if let’s say I “shave” off my jaw bones.

PhotobucketTake a look at my relatively flat nose bridge from the front view. It totally does not compliment my broad, fleshy nose.

PhotobucketAnd my jaw area! It’s saggy and I look like I have double chin! I really dislike how my build of 42kg can have such a heavy head (face)!

As much as I hate needles poking into my face, the curiosity & enthusiasm of seeing my features made sharper overcomes any fear! I have heard much from friends who went for botox and fillers, all of them commented that the pain factor is nothing to fear.

My nose and jaw area were being cleansed with alcohol swipes and numbing cream were applied for 10-15 minutes.

PhotobucketDr Matthew explained the products used and what the procedures were gonna be like, and exactly where he will inject etc. Finally, we were ready to start! (I was eyeing the needle & thinking if my numbing cream has taken its effect)

PhotobucketMultiple pricks on the nose area yet I didn’t feel much!

All I could think was: “Quick quick! I want to see myself in the mirror!”

Photobucket*GASP* “Is this my nose?!”

Check out my sharp nose bridge!

PhotobucketDr Matthew then proceeded to administer the botox for jaw-slimming.

The MFP crew were marveling at the instant slimming effect! I noticed and felt that the muscles in the jaws had shrunk by 80%!


Here’s a photo after the procedures.

My nose bridge was bruising a little, but nothing that makeup couldn’t cover.

Seriously, people who tried these said the pain factor is 1 out of 10, I totally agree.

PhotobucketI know the face in the after photo looks a little stiff. That’s due to the numbing cream.

Spot the difference yourselves!

It has been 2 weeks since my nose fillers & jaw botox at Astique.

With regular “massage” and care, the nose has more or less settle down and is looking absolutely natural! This will last approximately 1 year depending on individual.

I’ll be posting up more photos days & weeks after the procedures!

If you wish to do aesthetics treatments with  minimal risks & downtime, visit Astique‘s website!





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