Lovera: Radiance C Intensive Brightening Serum


Some time ago, a dear friend was bugging me to start consuming Vitamin C to help deal with my long hours of work, school schedule & my commitment to my blog.

We know that Vitamin C’s potent antioxidant properties can help protect our immune systems against the ravages of winter illnesses and help us fight off infection. Recent findings suggest that a diet high in vitamin C may help protect your heart from damage too!

So much good for the health!

Coincidentally, a lovely package of Vitamin C came! Not for oral consumption, but for the tired skin!

So what good can it do for our skin?

PhotobucketThis box = The Arrival of Every Woman’s Hero

Lovera launches its latest product, Radiance C, an intensive brightening serum for women who want to lighten their skin tone, diminish dark spots, and be wrinkle-free!

Radiance C contains Vitamin C, fights against wrinkles & fine lines, as well as in skin whitening.

Vitamin C also improves the skin’s natural defenses & encourages firmness by enhancing collagen synthesis, curbing premature aging by preventing UV-induced free radical damage.

PhotobucketRadiance C comes in a nice box of 4 vials.

As Vitamin C undergoes oxidation & becomes ineffective when exposed to air, Lovera dedicately packed the gel-emulsion & the Powder Vitamin C in a separate compartment to ensure the freshness and efficiency of Vitamin C in Radiance C.

PhotobucketSpecific instructions & illustrations on how to use at the side of the box.

PhotobucketOther active ingredients that are in Radiance C:

  • Vitamin A – improves skin’s texture, firmness & smoothness
  • Vitamin B3 – protects the vascular system & increases resistance to collagen destruction
  • Vitamin E – helps skin glow, tones tissues & plays an important role in preventing damages due to UVA/UVB radiation
  • Ginseng extract – an anti-aging and regenerative tonic
  • Avocado Oil
  • Evening Primrose Oil

Thus, women who want an improvement in their skins’ quality, appearance and feel should try Radiance C, which guarantees result in just 7 days!

PhotobucketStep 1) Peel off the white cap.

PhotobucketYou will see a red tab underneath the white cap. Simply pluck off the cap to reveal the red tab.

PhotobucketStep 2) Push the red tab down.

PhotobucketBy pushing the red tab down, the powder Vitamin C that’s being stored separately will be released into the vial bottle of gel-emulsion.

PhotobucketRed tab pushed down: Vitamin C is activated!

PhotobucketStep 3) Shake the mixture for a good 10-15 seconds so it will be evenly mixed.

PhotobucketTake off the red tab & secure the nozzle in place of it.

PhotobucketMy mixture of Radiance C serum is ready!

This vial should be stored in the refrigerator & to be used within 10 days. Do not expose it to the sunlight.

PhotobucketPress the nozzle to let out the serum. Apply after thorough cleansing & toning.

PhotobucketThe serum is very light & gives a refreshing feel to the skin.

After using for quite a number of days, I noticed that my skin is fairer & brighter!

Like I said, my schedule has been really hectic, but now my skin still gives off that radiant glow!

This is definitively a good buy!

PhotobucketI am already natural fair skin-toned, but after using Radiance C, it proves that my uneven skin tone can still be improved!

Do you have tired-looking, uneven colored skin? Or do you want a more radiant complexion?

Radiance C is now giving a special introductory price of USD 100!

Usual price: USD 120. This introductory price is valid till 31st Dec 2011.

Check out Lovera on Facebook!

They have 7-days Radiance C trial samples to give away!

Go discover your radiance now!


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